AnimatorHD - Stop Motion Software
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3D stereography / multiangle
background mode
big time code window
chroma key
difference key
export to Adobe After Effects
export to images & AVI
frame averaging
lipsync and audioscope
onion skin
shortcuts & serial port
rotoscope mode
still cameras support
time lapse
video deck remote control
zoom tool

export to images & AVI

This module works in the two ways:

- exports X-Sequence as a regular, physical frames sequence – it is based at file copier; exported sequence has the same image format and extension; X-frames (the virtual) are multiplied to the physical frames
- exports X-Sequence transformed and in a new format (BMP, TGA, PNG, JPG or AVI movie); transformation is applied automatically and depends on set values; X-frames are multiplied to the physical frames

The name of the exported sequence can be specified. Before exporting proper source must be selected in the ‘Mix Window’:

V1-4 - video, or video assist,
F1-4 - high quality and previews; previews are downconverted images from high quality during shooting; it is recommended to use the preview images for faster rendering, when the output is just for preview purposes (the width of previews is set to 720 pixels, and height proportionally – 480 for Canon digital still cameras – 3:2 aspect)

The ‘Leading Title Editor’ it is advanced tool for leading title creation. Here can be prepared template for the title consists of text and macros. All macros are available and described in the ‘Macro’ field. During export macros are replaced with current values, so once defined template doesn’t require any changes if some of export settings is redefined.


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