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onion skin


This function is a base for creating animations. In addition , you can fix the direction and speed of recorded objects. The onionskin function unites several frames of a sequence,
giving them transparency (onion skin opacity level) in relation to each other. The result is one picture with several former frames. The number of these frames is defined by the present 'Onion
Skin Level' parameter on the scale 1-99. In addition, AnimatorHD enables a live preview of the
camera and mixes it with the onionskin picture. That allows a precise setup for the next position of moving objects. Parameter 1-5 is fixed. The last parameter (here has value of 99) is custom and can be set from 6 to 99.

Onion Skin Blend Settings

Mode - defines one of blending modes: Normal, Lighten, Darken, Overlay, Soft Light, Additive, and Subtractive. Choice is depending on the light condition and colors in the shooting scene.

Opacity - defines the transparency of the mixed frames. For Normal mode set the opacity from 30 to 50%. For the rest modes set from 70 to 100% for the best results.

Levels - defines how many frames from the sequence will be mixed.


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