AnimatorHD - Stop Motion Software
professional stop motion and previsualization software


3D stereography / multiangle
background mode
big time code window
chroma key
difference key
export to Adobe After Effects
export to images & AVI
frame averaging
lipsync and audioscope
onion skin
shortcuts & serial port
rotoscope mode
still cameras support
time lapse
video deck remote control
zoom tool


The markers are set up by clicking within the preview area in the 'Mix window' (in New Marker mode).
In this area, the mouse cursor changes its shape into a little cross. To make it easier one may turn the 'Zoom' window from the 'Window' menu. Markers can be exported and imported into another project.

It is possible to move marker or group of markers by directly clicking on it and drag to a new position. To select more than one marker you should to hold Ctrl key during dragging. You can also select multiple markers in the Project window. Right Mouse Button Click on the marker shows context menu with 'Set Marker Properties' function.

You can also toggle grid view. Grid is proportional to the preview and resizes with it.

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