AnimatorHD - Stop Motion Software
professional stop motion and previsualization software

Canon & Nikon Live View - full support
focus, hardware magnification and DOF preview

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  • allows to control animation in the way like never before
  • you can control focus from AnimatorHD using 3 different speeds for focus ring - from accurate to fast
  • preview list of grabbed test shots

  • you can control hardware magnification - left-mouse-button click in the AnimatorHD Mix Window
    sets magnification frame in the camera, keyboard shortcut toggles the magnification on/off:

  • you can also turn on/off DOF (depth-of-field) Preview with keyboard shortcut (Canon only)
  • EVF Gain Control - for low lighting conditions, color corrections and 3D Anaglyph Preview
  • works with all live video sources and can be used at export

3D Stereo Live Preview and Playback
you can control stereo sequence using red/cyan glasses

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  • instant 3D anaglyph preview for live view stream - you can precisely set a distance between left and right camera position
  • 3D RAM Playback of the stereo exposures
  • 3D export as an anaglyph or separate left / right sequence of images or AVI

3D Anaglyph

each sequence can have any number of variants

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  • Variants - an unique feature of the application. Each sequence can have any number of variants. Variants can be grouped into folders. The Variants can be combined with each other. This extends editing possibilities.
  • Variant functions - new, append, insert, split, duplicate (selected), quick duplicate (current)
  • copy/paste frames between Variants
  • each Variant has own unlimited undo/redo history (available even after rerun the application)


Multi-Exposure and Automatic Bracketing for Digital Still Cameras
Multipass, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) and stereo pairs shooting (not available in the Home and Personal version)
  • you can set each 2 - 15 multi-exposure passes manually or as Auto-Bracketing:

Multi-Exposure for video feed (go motion) -
you can add a real motion blur to your animation
  • you can grab multiple frames into one - it improves image quality and gives possibility of the motion blur adding;
    each pass is controlled with onion skin as well:

workspace and shortcuts stored separately for each user
  • you can define users - each user can have own preffered workspace and shortcuts
  • settings can be easily moved between PC workstations

Open Project window with preview
improves projects managing
  • before opening project you can see its contents - sequences with animated rough preview


Enhanced Audioscope and Lipsync module
easy lipsync editor
  • now you can edit the lipsync even easier; use standard shortcuts (arrows, space bar)
  • frame accurate audio scrubbing (Caps Lock works as a toggle switch for this feature)
  • X-sheet print

Overlay and markers
overlay - action/title safe, cross, mask opacity; markers - cross, brush and line

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  • new overlay can be customized in the project settings or by right click on the 'Safe Box' button
  • draw markers for each sequence separately; as the overlay is an external file, it can be also edited in any graphics application  

Advanced frames export
original or transformed images export
  • advanced export with target preset for SD and HD formats (crop/resize/stretch if necessary)
  • 3D stereo multiexposures export
  • image formats: BMP, TGA, PNG, JPG
  • AVI with sound
  • correction module
  • generating ready to send or Quictime conversion previews with leading title (described below), pre/post black fillers
    and optional frame numbering
  • note: AnimatorHD Home and Personal is without 3D anaglyph export

  • advanced leading title editor with macros saved into templates (aka slate)


Waveform Monitor, RGB Parade and Vectorscope in real time
professional oscilloscopes
  • in addition to histogram AnimatorHD is able to show Y Waveform, RGB Parade and Vectorscope in real time
  • not available in AnimatorHD Home and Personal version
AnimatorHD waveform monitor

Aux Monitor
secondary display
  • in this window is the same image as in the 'Mix Window'. Aux Monitor can be used for second display unit, e.g. TV set. Graphics settings should be set to dual view (if display board supports this feature).

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