AnimatorHD - Stop Motion Software
professional stop motion and previsualization software


3D stereography / multiangle
background mode
big time code window
chroma key
difference key
export to Adobe After Effects
export to images & AVI
frame averaging
lipsync and audioscope
onion skin
shortcuts & serial port
rotoscope mode
still cameras support
time lapse
video deck remote control
zoom tool

chroma key

Operation of the Chroma Key functions causes replacement of chosen color with sequence, background,
rotoscope picture or black. See background mode for more informations.

Chroma Key – selected turns on the Chroma Key function.

Invert RGB – inverts the RGB values (setting value of Tolerance to 128 is recommended)

Black Back – replaces keying color with black instead the picture. It helps to define Chroma Key range.

Pick – switches ‘Mix Window’ to Color Picker for set a color to keying. Selected color appears in a box at the right side of the Color Picker button.

Tolerance – defines tolerance for keying color. Higher value (of 0-250) causes higher range of Chroma Key operation.

R, G, B – level of the color component.


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