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3D stereography / multiangle
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difference key
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3D stereography / multiangle

AnimatorHD - 3D Stereo Shooting

3D Stereo Shooting using motion control system which can be operated directly from AnimatorHD.

3D Stereo Live Preview allows to precisely set a distance between left and right camera position in real time using simple red/cyan or red/blue glasses.

3D Stereo RAM Playback allows to instant preview your animation.

And finally - 3D Stereo Export allows to share your animation with others or prepare for furhter postproduction process.


Up to 4 angles - each can be 3D stereo (Film Producer only).

Just imagine - up to 4 different angles after one animated sequence!

AnimatorHD Film Producer has an unique feature - you can connect up to 4 paired sources, e.g. 4 Live View cameras or 4 still cameras and 4 DV camcorders as video assists. You can also use webcams, which look into viewfinder in the camera or parallel (e.g. on top of the camera).
Other combination are allowed, of course.
(e.g. 2 digital cameras only)

If to the AnimatorHD Film Producer is connected more than one source (video or still camera), split view allows to show grabbed sources in one window. It is usable for colors and frame comparison.
You can even play animation in the split view.

If you would like to check out the split view, you can use CEmulator tool. It simulates up to 4 digital still cameras.

Windows XP: supports multiple cameras of the same model e.g. up to 4 Canon EOS 50D cameras.
Windows Vista: supports multiple cameras of different models e.g. one Canon EOS 50D and one Canon EOS 40D but not two Canon EOS 50D cameras.
Both: You can use up to 3 Canon cameras (with the above rules) and one Nikon camera but multiple Nikon cameras are not supported.

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