AnimatorHD - Stop Motion Software
professional stop motion and previsualization software


3D stereography / multiangle
background mode
big time code window
chroma key
difference key
export to Adobe After Effects
export to images & AVI
frame averaging
lipsync and audioscope
onion skin
shortcuts & serial port
rotoscope mode
still cameras support
time lapse
video deck remote control
zoom tool


- single and multiple displays support
- up to 8 sources - 4 live video and 4 digital still cameras
- Live View with remote focus pulling
- split view for the sources
- X-Sequencer - advanced sequence editor
- unlimited Undo/Redo History (allways available)
- export to Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects
- MIDI Remote Control
- multisequence support with poster frame
- BMP, TGA, TIFF, JPEG, Canon and Nikon RAW support
- still images import
- multiple frames capture
- clipboard (copy/paste - append, replace, insert)
- mix speedbuttons - 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
- ram player (audio playback synchronized with audioscope)
- custom frame base
- users - workspace and shortcuts for each user separately
- each step save
- autosaves to project container
- none destructive frames managing
- 16:9 edit mode
- audioscope
- VCR Remote Control
- zoom tool - with native resolution of still image or EVF (Electronic ViewFinder - Canon & Nikon Live View)

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