AnimatorHD - Stop Motion Software
professional stop motion and previsualization software
AnimatorHD Features


- up to 4 live video sources and/or 4 digital still cameras as source - 8 (4 paired) sources by one click!
- The Real 3D Stereography
- 35 mm and 16 mm source with video assist output
- HD, HDV and HDMI
- Betacam SP/SDI
- DV camcorder and VCR support with live preview and live mix with stored images and rotoscopes
- NonDV Devices Support: Analog WDM, ViVo cards and webcams
- graphics application, e.g. Adobe Photoshop - linetester
- split preview for sources

Live preview:

- Canon and Nikon Live View - full support, incl. remote focus pulling and hardware zoom
- 3D Anaglyph Live Preview
- EVF Gain Control - the Live View enhancer for low lighting conditions or high AV value
- Difference Key - live! - you can see only what you move and camera accuracy
- Chroma Key - live! - bluescreen (or any other) camera image with sequence, rotoscope or background
- upto 100 real levels of the Onion Skin with selected blend mode + camera (live!)
- Onion Skin blending modes: Normal, Darken, Lighten, Overlay, Soft Light, Additive, Subtractive
- Zoom Tool with color picker - support for video and digital cameras (also 1:1 preview for e.g focus check out)
- Histogram (levels, tonal range) - illustrates how pixels in the image are distributed
- Background Mode - for film set FX crew (e.g. setting actors in virtual 3D scenery)
- Rotoscope Mode
- 16:9 and 4:3 preview mode
- mask preview - 16:9 and main cine formats
- Frame Averaging - improves quality of grabbed frame (noise reduction) - 100 levels
- motion blur - for video source (go motion)
- fully customizable Markers and Grid


- X-Sequencer (TM) - advanced sequence editor with many usable functions, incl. e.g. reversed order paste
- Variants - each sequence can have any number of variants
- unlimited undo/redo history - for each sequence separately, available even after exiting AnimatorHD
- none destructive Multi Frames Grabbing, Duplicating, Deleting and Inserting option
- none destructive Frame Replacing
- advanced solution for managing huge resolution pictures in the fast and easy way
- filmstrip optional view
- RAM Player (audio playback synchronized with audioscope)
- Instant Playback with loop action for selected number of frames and live camera as the last frame
- Audioscope - display wav file divided to frames and BPM. Simply add comment or phonem to each frame
- Lipsync Module - advanced face settings and comments, synchronized to Audioscope
- frame accurate audio scrubbing incl. post roll (if Caps Lock turned on)
- Multi Sequence Management
- copy/paste to/from other GFX applications via Clipboard (append, replace, insert mode)
- Project History
- Joined Storage (TM) - for order of projects and data stored on many drives, viewed in one Open Project window
- Project Container (TM) - for storing all version of the project
- Each Step Save (TM) - for saving each step you do, prevents data at unexpected power loss
- custom shortcuts


- export to AfterEffects using existing files
- advanced frames exporter - SD and HD presets, crop/resize/stretch, title tool, AVI with sound and 3D
- correction module


- integrated remote control for Canon and Nikon DSLRs - multiple cameras support
- multi-exposure and auto bracketing
- DV VCR Remote Control with Time Code seeking
- Serial Port Motion Control and Remote Control - any function can send or recieve custom COM message
- Time Lapse tool - system shoots for you growing flower, flying clouds or sunrise (or what you want)

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