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Educational versions are fully featured.
The only limitations is a purpose - non-commercial.
However you can use it as a teaching tool or win prizes on festivals.

Inspiring Creativity

Welcome students, teachers and lecturers. Here you'll find the best stop motion technology to develop creativity at all stages of education. Best of all, the industry-standard products on these pages are available at greatly reduced prices to students and educational institutions.


Studying to break into the professional media industry? As the people who make the tools the pros use, we can help.

Elementary Schools

Have a look at the solutions AnimatorHD can provide for animation tuition from any age, as well as the range of opportunities to integrate digital media into your classroom.

High Schools & Middle Schools

See AnimatorHD's fantastic range animation solutions and realize the huge range of ways they can be integrated into your curriculum, whether you're a specialist or just interested in getting more media into your class.

Universities and Colleges

Give your students the best possible start – industry standard tools across animation, lip-sync, rotoscoping from portable laptop systems to the installations which run the biggest animation studios in the world.

Career Schools

Supply your animation students with the tools and the skills that will allow them to seamlessly move from classroom to animated film set. Both in we provide top-end, high power professional systems at prices to suit your budget.

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